This is Sox the Kat. He is part Russian Blue and part Chinchilla.

Lemme In! Sox the Kat is a very smart kat. He can understand the word 'chook' (chicken) and whenever it is mentioned he will come running and you had better have some for him when he gets there. Sox had a stressful year in 1996 and he has a heart 'murmur'. He doesn't play at all and his main passtime is sleeping. The only time I have ever seen him even remotely interested in doing anything with a bird - other than just watching it - was when a magpie was attacking him and he swiped it and grabbed it and brought it in to me. He opened his mouth to say 'Look what I got' and it flew away.
Sox the Kat doesn't get along with the other kat - Mogwhi - at all. He wants to be the only kat in the house. Apparently he has lived with Mogwhi before so it is definately a jealousy thing.
Don't You Take My Picture! Sox spent 3 months outside in 1996 when one of his people died. He saw the whole thing and ran away and I saw him watching but no-one could catch him. The police, the Air Force, the neighbours, and the people who gave him to me tried in vain for months to catch him. Eventually on easter he turned up at a neighbour's house for a steak. He was fat and furry. I think he was living on dog food because a few neighbours said he was still hanging around. He is happy now to be back in a house and with his person.
BBQ Hiding fence
Sox the Kat and Moghi the Kat were given to me by Shane and his wife Maree. They gave Sox to my spouse and I in 1994 and after my spouse died they gave me Mogwhi in 1996 (December I think).

Sox's mother C disapeared in 1999. She will be added to the memorial page as soon as I have the time.

News Break!

Sox's twin has been found! Sox the Kat has a twin sister named Sophie who lives in Canada. They must have been separated at birth!

More Twins have been found! Here they are!

Sox is a very important kat and is listed on the Kat society pages - Who's Who

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This is Sox's Katpal Puddin


Dicaboo is Sox's Girlfreind and together they will rule the world!

This is Sox's freind Vester who has the oposite markings from him

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